Ena Hirooka

“The potential of art”

Ena Hirooka is a graphic designer, who’s latest hobby is running. Professionally, she designs pamphlets for tourism and local industries. Her soft and sophisticated designs and uncluttered layouts are highly regarded. Currently, she is working with her husband, who is a painter, on a painting workshop for people with disabilities. Realizing new possibilities and potential with her art, her work is just beginning.


Born in Oita prefecture in 1976, she went to Osaka after working in an office in Oita city for a year. Upon graduation from Sozosha Design College, she worked for a design production company in Osaka for about seven years, where her responsibilities included both design and copywriting. To further challenge herself in writing and editing, she completed the Sendenkaigi "Editing / Writer Training Course" in Osaka. Through her association with exceptional teachers and peers, she started to think about the way she wanted to live rather than what she wanted to do. She returned to Oita in 2009 to start an independent career. After her marriage in 2011 she moved to Kunisaki city. In this beautiful natural environment, in 2020 she started "Aruku Art" while working with her painter husband. She regularly visits people with disabilities, and long-term hospitalized children to work on joint painting projects.

The name "garagraph" is infused with our vision of expressing individuality as patterns. We aim to create designs that represent and support our clients, and we execute our designs with a sense of humility and partnership.